Our story starts with an obsession to build the ultimate mountain bike shoe. For the last decade or more, finding the right pair of  mountain bike shoes has involved an unavoidable tradeoff between finding what looks good, and what functions well, since very few products in  the category have achieved to do both at the same time. 

 Much of the mountain bike footwear available on the market today  suffers from poor, inferior, or diminishing quality quality rubber —  meaning the feet can easily become dismounted from the pedal pins in mid-air, which is especially dangerous in extremely rainy, muddy  conditions, like the ones found at the world famous Whistler Mountain Bike Park.  We’ve set out to create a special rubber formula that performs as it  should — providing magnet-like traction to keep you solidly connected  with your bike at all times, no matter what the conditions are like  outside.

For the longest time, footwear in the mountain bike marketplace has been notoriously bland, monotonous, and restricted to a limited range of colors and styles. By taking cues from custom mountain bike frame protectors and mudguard graphics, as well as ski & snowboard culture, we decided to design footwear that’s as stylish as it is functional. This gives them a confidence-inspiring style that’s hard to miss out on your favorite trail or at the local bike park.



Chris is an acclaimed design engineer/product developer and footwear  designer, and has spent over a decade in the R&D industry working as the former lead designer behind multiple brands such as Piloti racing footwear, Lift Aviation, O'neill, Hot Wheels and others — which he helped to build from the ground-level into successful, category-redefining new market introductions.

He also spearheaded the successful market introduction of several  protective gear design innovations in the motocross, mountain bike, ski  & snow, and tactical / military industries — having held senior  leadership positions on multiple Advanced R&D / Special Projects  teams for companies or clients including EVS Sports, Hazard 4, NFL, Gridiron labs, and others. 

His work has been featured in Hypebeast, Digital Trends, Footwear  News, TransWorld Motocross (TWMX), Red Bulletin Magazine, AOPA Pilot, Coroflot, RECOIL, Performance BMW, Octane, Core77, Iron & Air, ImagineFX, and others.

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 Kyle was an original backer of this project when it was released on Kickstarter back in 2021 and came on board as a partner and co-owner in 2023. Kyle is an avid biker and loves the thrill of hitting the trails. As an entrepreneur himself, Kyle brings his years of experience operating a business to the team. He lives in North Dakota with his smokin' hot wife Melissa and four kids - James, Isaiah, Levi, and Hannah.