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Anamoly Mountain Biking Shoe

Anamoly Mountain Biking Shoe

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Engineered to turn you into a hero on the bike, with better-when-wet performance that'll keep you glued to the pedal pins in even the harshest of conditions. Never fear slipping a pedal pin because of Mother Nature's wrath again.

Inspired by Hero Dirt (the perfect consistency of wet dirt for  riding) we spent two and a half years developing our proprietary Hero  Rubber™ compound. Hero Rubber™ is an insanely sticky rubber that not  only performs like a champ in dry weather, but becomes stickier when  wet, giving you peace of mind in the wettest of riding conditions. This  unique rubber formula also has an incredibly low rebound rate, helping  to absorb impact on hard landings.


Selectable Sizes are U.S. Men's. See below conversion chart:Size Comparison Chart


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