Anamoly Mountain Bike Shoe

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Color: Aloha
U.S. Men's Size: 7

Engineered to turn you into a Hero on the bike, with better-when-wet performance that'll keep you glued to the bike even in the harshest of riding conditions. Never fear slipping a pedal pin because of Mother Nature's wrath again.

Inspired by Hero Dirt—the perfect consistency of "tacky" or wet dirt for riding—we spent two and a half years developing our proprietary Hero Rubber™ compound. Hero Rubber™ is a super sticky rubber that performs like a champ not only in dry weather conditions—but becomes stickier when wet, turning you into a Hero in even the wettest, slipperiest riding conditions. This unique rubber formula also has an incredibly low rebound rate, helping to absorb impact on hard landings, in combination with a high density EVA midsole and anti-shock / anti-vibration silicone insole pad.

Our extra wide toe box was the highest request we received by our early backers, customers, riders, and the MTB community at large. Combined with best in class durability, weight, fit, comfort, and a signature style—we think you'll be delighted to shred the most challenging mountainous conditions, hikes, or rainy city streets with the best flat pedal shoe currently available!

Selectable Sizes are U.S. Men's. See below conversion chart for your specific region and gender:Size Comparison Chart

Our shoes tend to run about 1/2 size large. So if you normally wear a 10.5, or are in-between a 10.5 and 11, we would suggest ordering a size 10.

— Our Secret Sauce —

Unparalleled Ride Technology

Made for the most epic rides and riders on the planet, our shoes have been designed specifically by riders for riders — not suits in boardrooms.

Hero Rubber™

Specially formulated to work better in extreme muddy + wet conditions, keeping your feet glued to the pedal pins like strong rare earth magnets. Ditch the competition and experience Heroic level grip + durability like no other.

Stitchless & Seamless

Thermo-welded construction reduces weight by eliminating unnecessary layers and seams, while minimizing overall material usage and improving mud & water resistance.

Confidence Inspiring Style

Ride with confidence and a signature style inspired by custom mountain bike frame protectors and graphic prints.

Protective Toe Cap

Thermo-welded + 3D heat molded toe cap protects the vital toe area from tree branches, hard impacts, or rock strikes.

Elastic Lace Keeper

Keeps loose laces from snagging in the chain, chain ring, crank arms or other parts of the crankset — and out of harm's way.

Laser Ventilation

Engineered laser perforations are strategically placed around the shoe to let air in — while keeping water, mud, dirt and debris out.

Diamondstōk Tread

Optimal tread pattern empirically tested in the field to create a maximum interlocking sensation with the metal pedal pins, while minimizing jarring vibrational rattling.

Hidden Laces

A protective barrier guards the laces against rips, cuts, or tears caused by rubbing against the crankset or from tree branches.

High Ankle Support*

Guards ankles from rubbing against the cranks, as well as minimize rolls or sprains caused by steep landings or bailouts. (*A-Line model only)

DualTraction Pedal + Hike Grid

A dense grid pattern in the forefoot creates a large contact patch for the pedals, while ruggedly-spaced treads in the front and rear provide optimal grip while traversing multiple off-bike hiking terrains.

Wide Toe Box

One of the widest fits on the market (US 1.5E) gives increased room and reduces lateral rubbing in the toe area — especially for those with large or extra wide feet.

Raised Midsole Arch

Raised midsole arch on the medial side supports the inner foot muscles during high drops, impacts, and steep landings.

Conquer the Elements

Travel the farthest, unexplored terrains as you'd like—with Hero Rubber by your side, you're ready to do it all. Our shoes are also thermally insulated for optimal performance in both warm and cold climates.


Sticky Rubber You Can Trust

Hero Rubber™ is backed with empirical testing and lab science and is the only rubber that becomes stickier when wet.

Unlike other brands that only offer sticky rubber in black — we've specially developed our rubber so that it can be dyed in any color, while still retaining the same level of high-friction and grip.


Redefined Ride Comfort + Performance

Whether riding casual or rowdy, we've taken all the guesswork out and designed our shoes for both — so you can simply get after it.


Unisex Style & Fit

We've designed our shoes to look, feel, and fit just as well for both guys and gals alike (gals, please add +1.5 size to US M's).


Redefine The Way You Ride

Experience how our Unparalleled Ride Technology gives you superhuman confidence by transforming the way you ride.

Unlike other MTB shoe brands that use inferior quality rubber compounds, which either offer subpar grip or fall apart after a few rides, our proprietary high-friction coefficient Hero Rubber™ formula undergoes rigorous testing standards in order to grip where you need it, when you need it — so you can focus on enjoying the ride.

Bike or Hike

Designed with high quality features and materials that function equally as well as a hiking shoe, for days when you're trekking outside without the bike.


Product Sizing

Our shoes tend to run about 1/2 size large. So if you normally wear a 10.5, we would suggest ordering a size 10.

US Men


Our Size


US Women


Our Size

11.5 (US M's 10)



Our Size

43.5 (US M's 10)



Our Size

9.5 (US M's 10)



Our Size

28 (US M's 10)

Customer Reviews

Jonathan Cowan, Kickstarter backer

Jonathan Cowan

Best mountain bike shoes I've ever worn. Buddies have been stoked on the look of the shoes, and I've been singing the praises on grip for sure.

Koja Stille, Kickstarter backer

Koja Stille

Good grip! Very good in rainy/muddy conditions, feet were kept dry. Good fit, enough room for the front foot. Well done!

Sven Wörz, Kickstarter backer

Sven Wörz

They look really great and feel amazing! And they fit perfectly too! :-) I'm looking forward to more products from your brand!

Joshua Welling, Chicken Sendies YouTube Channel

Joshua Welling

I am absolutely loving these shoes and was very stoked to be able to support you guys!

Melissa Schubert, Kickstarter backer

Melissa Schubert

I have been wearing my shoes since I received them 2-4x a week. I have received lots of comments on them for the fun color.

Yan Saumure, Kickstarter backer

Yan Saumure

I received my shoes today, they are awesome!! Concerning the shoe size, it's a perfect fit. My friends are jealous of my Aloha shoes ;)

Tanner Garfield, Kickstarter backer

Tanner Garfield

Stoked to finally get a pair and test them out — handled the mud well. Well done @christopher_armstrong_ and @rideanamoly!!!

Taylor Zink, Kickstarter backer

Taylor Zink

These shoes are awesome! Tread pattern on the sole is supper grippy. Very comfy and have that broken in feel right out of the box. The material seems super durable and lightweight/breathable as well. Love the toe protection — wasn't scared of catching any rocks with the front of my foot today.

I'm stoked on the purchase and had people asking about them in the lift line — head turners for sure!

John Renshaw, Kickstarter backer

John Renshaw

The shoes are super slick and I really like them. You guys did a great job. I really hope you guys' company continues to make shoes and break into the mountain biking community. Excited for your company to take off.

It's a really cool concept. I think this could be a really big hit.

Jonny Thompson, Fit4Racing Founder / Head Coach

The Anamoly MTB shoes have been keeping me planted on the bike lately. I've really been enjoying them and they seem to be holding up a lot better than a lot of other shoes I've tried.

Brody Betz, Pro Mountain Biker

They look sick and I like the Beast Mode color!

Hayden Cavanah, Pro Mountain Biker

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